”Lily Fawn‘s pastoral lullabies carried a hint of darkness
– a necessity for anyone on this bill and less whimsy than one might expect,
taking into account the singer’s deer horns and her band members’
carnivore heads and birds’-nest hats. Whimsy is all relative,
of course: those outfits could scare the bejesus out of sensitive tykes if
they’re worn when Miss Fawn opens for Fred Penner’s Sunday afternoon Pop gig.
In any event, kudos to her for mapping the halfway point between
The Cat Came Back and Raping a Slave.”
- Montreal Gazette


“When it was all over, Fred Penner took time to give a shout-out
to opener Lily Fawn and I will too. I haven’t done any exhaustive research,
but I’m confident in stating that she is the only musician in history to open
for both The Swans and Fred Penner in the span of 48 hours – or ever has.
She was adorable, too, sporting deer antlers and a ukelele and
delivering her helium-voiced lullabies with charm to burn.
All in all, the perfect Pop Montreal palate cleanser.”
- Montreal Gazette


“When Victoria-based musician Lily Fawn debuts songs from her solo album
Lily’s Lullaby Album – Brightest, Darkest at The ARTery this Friday,
look past the deer antlers atop her head. They’re not some cutesy affectation,
but a clear nod to the influence of lowbrow artists like Liz McGrath and Mark Ryden
on Fawn’s costuming, set design and art direction choices.

Lily Fawn isn’t simply a femme fatale in woodland folk drag.
Fawn is the half-girl, half-deer portion of vaudeville rock/post-apocalyptic
gospel grunge/comic book songster duo Hank & Lily.

Her solo tour is a sister project to Hank & Lily, but also a clear departure,
offering an evening of slow, dreamy and dark fairy tale music, with
Twin Peaks-y ballads and the musical saw playing this side of Marlene Dietrich.”
- SEE Edmonton


Lily Fawn part deer part girl comic book hero from the duet phenomenon,
Hank Pine and Lily Fawn. Her creepy lullabies are perfectly suited
for David Lynch and Bjork’s lovechild.”
- Little Fest


“A lullaby album from a baby-snatching half-deer, half-human may seem
a strange concept to some, but then again – maybe it’s perfect!
…the music masterfully evokes dreamtime melodies that should lull
even the hardest of rednecks into a state of sleepy bliss.”
- BC MUSICIAN Magazine


“I’ve been listening to it quite a lot and i think it’s wonderful,
such a twisted braid of dark notions mixed with beautiful sentiments.
The writing is very strong. “Lily’s secret. A Story.”
- It’s a superb characterization.”


Lily Fawn, sporting her standard set of antlers, put on an impressively
hypnotic solo show with her band, all dressed as forest creatures,
which attracted most of the audience to the South Stage Sunday afternoon.
Her violinist wore eagle feathers, while her drummer sported a pair of antlers
and her keyboardist was decorated with an array of birds.
Her high-pitched voice carried across the field where all of the dancers
were dancing up a storm in front of the East Stage.”
- Lethbridge Sun Times