I am playing a SHOW this month with my Brightest Darkest slide guitar player Marco Bozenich (AkA: Ceil the Weasel). www.meatdraw.com

Come check out our adorable duet action at:


SOLSTICE CAFE – OCT. 11TH, 7pm  (with Professor Gall from Portaland) photo by Alistair Henning.

This lovely photo was taken by Alistair Henning !

I will try my best to keep new stories, pictures and news updated.

The Secret Diary Of Miss Lily Fawn will have storytelling as well as snapshots of our last tour posted soon. That way  you can get all our dirty road stories first hand. Ok, now go have a listen to some songs!!  woo woo

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  1. Hi Lily! Love your new website and Brightest, Darkest is our new favourite album.

    December 6, 2010 at 10:26 am

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